About Kathryn Pryce

Kathryn Pryce was born in Edmonton, Alberta. Coming from an artistic family, she was exposed to art and photography at an early age and her creative exploration was encouraged.

She attended the Alberta College of Art (now the Alberta University of the Arts), in Calgary, Alberta. Graduating with a printmaking major.

Kathryn spent most of her life in Calgary, raising her two daughters and, for 18 years, sharing her love of art with elementary school children.

Kathryn has been fortunate to travel extensively and much of her inspiration is drawn from trips and the photographs she has taken of the everyday scenes that have moved her. Always observing, her work captures simple, often fleeting moments when the elements, particularly light and water, react with a subject.

Hoping that viewers of her work pause to appreciate the unique beauty and detail of these fleeting moments, is the objective that moves Kathryn to share her work.

Kathryn now lives and works in LaSalle, Ontario and is excited to explore the area and all it has to offer her creative eye.

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